Visionary CEO expert in IT, arts, multimedia, literature, tourism, social studies, localization, public relations and web marketing #visionary #creative #educator #founder #leader #strategist #mentor #productsreviewer #seo. Certified by the top 15 agencies Worldwide. I provide my skills through talks, training, and workshops.
I am focused on helping entrepreneurs and startups grow their business, by expanding into new markets through tribes. I am very cross-disciplinary and move effortlessly between planning and action. My work sits at the crossing between anthropology and psychology, as well as technology and people. I can help you: * setup and build a growth engine using growth hacking; * identify and expand your product into tribal markets; * identify and activate your brand advocates so that they share more about you; * create a content strategy that will help to keep your product top-of-mind* build socially contagious products using the latest insights from psychology and anthropology